My name is Malc and Shapemodes is a showcase of my multidisciplinary skillset as a Designer and Art Director.
With over 15 years experience working for a diverse range of industry sectors, both agency side and in-house, I am well versed in all aspects of the design process from concept to delivery.
I'm currently in a permanent role working for Set Creative but previous experience has been freelancing for a mix of agencies, most notably brand agency Conran Design Group. Prior to this I worked for the charitable foundation Wellcome and its museum Wellcome Collection, creating a multitude of brand work across all design disciplines. 
My proven ability leading or collaborating with design teams has resulted in fruitful relationships that produce consistently high quality work and creative communication, while meeting or exceeding client expectations.

Art Direction, Brand Identity, Typography, Experiential, Exhibition, Wayfinding, Marketing Campaigns, Editorial and Information Design.